Automation – the motor of any production.

We make manufacturing quality and productivity progress through innovative ideas and long-standing know-how.

As a complete provider in the domain of industrial automation, AEM August Elektrotechnik GmbH supplies customer-specific solutions for machine and installation construction in various sectors.

In addition to the series manufacturing of standard solution, our core competences include single item manufacturing in the domain of installation and prototype construction.

Our ability to develop innovative automation solutions has formed the basis for successful collaboration with our business partners in the sectors of general industrial production and automotive industry as well as their suppliers for more than 35 year now.

Our portfolio extends from the creation of requirements specifications, through the CAE planning, software development, electrical installation construction, installation all the way to the transfer of the electrical equipment of installations and machines to the operator.

We ensure superior, economical and future-oriented applications for our customers thanks to our innovative system solutions, mature services and competitive prices.

For us, better means: Better for our clients.

Success is a team result. Become a part of the team!

We are…

  • a complete provider in industrial automation
    Our customers can rely on the know-how of our approx. 80 employees in the domains of consulting, development, planning, design and implementation. Tasks from various industrial domains generate useful synergies and constantly let us recognize and exploit new automation potentials and solutions.
  • flexible in development and implementation
    Variable and dynamic use as well as trouble-free switching to other products and production processes are the main advantages of our future-oriented systems.
  • creative and experienced
    The knowledge and experience of our employees is in constant expansion, following the development of complex automation tasks in various sectors.
  • a motivated team
    Success is not an individual achievement, it is a team result. Often, the common unconventional steps lead to solutions at the heigh of the challenges posed.
  • oriented towards the future and quality-conscious
    Nothing is so good that it can no longer become better!
    We wish to constantly improve and therefore always question our actions. This is why we tackle these issues today, promising our success of tomorrow!
  • We offer… quality
    We place high requirements towards our action. The satisfaction of out customers and partners as well as the correct selection and expert training of our employees are our main target.
  • reliability
    Each one of use takes responsibility for his tasks. The agreed targets have the highest priority – which builds trust.
  • productivity
    We achieve our goals through conscious, creative use of our means. Use, do not waste!
  • best cooperation and teamwork
    We bet on trusting, fair and team-oriented collaboration in which everyone carries the responsibilities for their domain of expertise, where synergies are used and strengths are expanded – both internally as well as with our partners.
  • Corporate Compliance (Company behaviour)
    Our behaviour is always oriented towards our values and principles, legal directives as well as societal norms.

We want…

  • to be a continuous and predictable partner to our customers.
    This is why we always favour long-term stability over short-term profit.
  • to secure our high quality and service level through constant development of system partnerships with manufacturers.
  • to drive the expansion and the development of the customer
    and service potential for our electrical engineering and data technology service domains, under consideration of the INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY guiding principle.
  • to not only fulfil, but exceed the expectations of our customers. We appropriate ourselves the issues of our customers through total investment and continuous improvements to our processes.
  • to continuously adjust to the ever-changing requirements of our customers and their markets through training and education of our employees.

The full-range system provider.

Automating with AEM.

As a full range system provider in the domain of industrial automation, we supply complete customer-specific solutions for based on the automation pyramid.

In combination with BDE/MDE quality data acquisition, our automation concepts create transparency and safety in your entire manufacturing process.

INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY as a driver for creativity, paired with the experience of economic realisability, generate our automation concepts, sustainable availability, high throughput and ensure system reliability.

Everything in one place.

Individual and user-friendly.

In addition to installation availability, the maintenance and repair based on unitary execution guidelines is the basic requirements towards control-technical solutions for the various installations in the partial and complete project.

Corresponding control concepts for various domains of production form the basis of the coherent realization of the various installation components in the domain of production.

Along with automation technology, the visualization forms the interface between materials economy (SAP), worker information systems (MES) and the control and automation (PLC) for the production lines.


If you want to give your all, you need to know it all.

Complete solutions without interfaces and friction losses are only made possible through holistic, process-overreaching thought and action by qualified employees.

The benefit for our customers lies in the increase of productivity,
the reduction of costs and time as well as the complete concept being optimally adjusted to the customer.

We accompany our customers through technological improvements as well as process optimization in manufacturing installations.

In addition to the full-range offer, we provide the possibility of taking charge of customer-specific application and development services:

  • Counselling/Consulting
  • Project analysis/Project layout
  • Project development Hard- and Software
  • Electrical and control construction
  • Industrial assemblies
  • Commissioning/Process introduction
  • After-Sales-Service

Innovative and optimized processes.

Structured custom-tailored applications.

We accompany the project in the domain of automation engineering in a custom-tailored manner and without interfaces, using a branch-oriented ERP system.

We try to always provide the customer with the possibility of taking action during development thanks to the transparency of the project development phases.

A graphical control layout and corresponding HMI concepts that are prepared for and explained to the final customer and future operator of the machine ensure the highest degree of transparency and early acceptance of our ideas.

Project analysis

The industrial environment (Manufacturing/Process automation) requires a detailed analysis of the scope of the projects and targets. Only these information allow the corresponding selection of innovative technologies in the domain of hard- and software components and reaching of the project target.


Circuit & controller construction

After the CAE planning, the project development data are transferred to the corresponding departments (Acquisitions, workshop, accounting).

This forms the basis for the smooth execution of our electrical installation construction as perISO 9001:2015 in our own manufacturing facility.

Download Certificate ISO9001.2015

Hardware and software project development

The use of state of the art and high-performance CAE- (EPLAN) and PLC-software systems guarantee innovative and future- proof installations.

The PLC project development is implemented based on customer requirements (BV/Factory stan- dards) in accordance with the selected automation system.


Industrial assemblies

Electrical engineering in the industrial environment must be performed in close collaboration between the customer and supplier. Discussions and clarification of details during the installation phases ensure a rational and technically high-quality electrical installation.

Commissioning and process introduction

Transparency during commissioning and integration of the operator are pre- requisites for our relationship to the customer.

Further measures, such as instruction and “Training on the Job” complete our offer. The acceptance criteria are clarified with the customer beforehand so as to gua- rantee a smooth execution all the way through.

After sales and service

We are highly invested in constantly improving our service culture. This encompasses: Remote maintenance, maintenance contracts, preventive care, repairs and service missions.


Retrofit / Revamping

Our years of experience make us the perfect partner when it comes to topics like retrofit and revamping. In the modernization or conversion of existing plants, our customers benefit from the experience we have gained and innovations that we have implemented over the last decades. We know the techniques of that time and are very close to the innovations of tomorrow.



Data masses open paths towards comprehension of technical realities.

Acquire, analyse, present, optimize, document and archive using LogiQ.

Large masses of operating and quality data are generated daily in companies. Without evaluation, they are only a burden and an unused valuable resource.

We see continuous monitoring and optimisation as an extremely personnel- and cost-intensive task for installation operators.

We use historical operating and machine data as sustainable information sources for the process and manufacturing optimization.

The LogiQ data information system completes existing ERP systems, can be seamlessly integrated and offers additional functionality and scalability.

There is no better path to efficiency than the automation of manual, paper-based and error-prone processes.

The data generated in the process chain of the production is prepared for the various points of view and requirements of those participating in the process.

LogiQ thereby distinguishes between the following sectors in the “Customer Reporting”:

  • Work preparation
  • Production
  • Maintenance
  • Quality management
  • Controlling
  • Company management

Control and transparency

during the entire manufacturing process.

Process optimization with       by AEM.

Automation solutions in conjunction with BDE/MDE quality data acquisitions provide transparency and safety in the entire manufacturing process.


High quality through high performance levels.

AEM – A success story.

The expansion and extension of the customer and service potential for our business domains under consideration of the INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY guiding principle are our primary targets for the future. The high quality and performance level is ensured through the constant expansion of system partnerships with manufacturers.

We have followed this motto for over 35 years.

  • 1981 Company creation under the name August Elektromontage GmbH
  • 1986 Introduction of the EPLAN CAE system
  • 1987 Start of software development for automation technology
  • 1994 Change of name to AEM Elektrotechnik GmbH
  • 1996 Creation of the data technology division
  • 2000 Expansion of system partnerships with manufacturers of automation technology
  • 2001 Personal and structural development “Planning & projecting”
  • 2002 Automation of mechanical engineering business field
  • 2004 Acquisition of the “Series production” manufacturing facility
  • 2009 Completion of “New manufacturing facility and office building”
  • 2010 Product introduction LogiQ data information systems
  • 2011 Dual studies in the fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering in cooperation with the Technical University of Mittelhessen
  • 2012 Opening of southern branch (Marktoberdorf Allgäu)
  • 2014 Personal and structural development “Mechanical engineering”
  • 2014 Personal and structural development “Simulation”
  • 2015 Opening of South American branch (Mexico)

Centrally positioned.

Close to customers in all directions

The central location in the middle of Germany puts us in a po- sition allowing to equally serve our customer network inside and outside of Germany.

Only the proximity to the customer allows for quick reaction times.

The thematic and geographical proximity to our customers is the best prerequisite for a quick and flexible reaction to all re- levant modifications in the market and in the requirements profile of our customers.

Specific know-how

with a wide spectrum.

Modern technology for a branch-covering performance spectrum.

Over the last 35 years, we have acquired a high degree of know-how in the domains of automotive and general industry as well as their suppliers. AEM technology is used in the following domains:

  • General industry
  • Automotive and supply industry
  • Textile industry
  • Metalworking industry
  • Agricultural machinery industry
  • Paper and packaging industry

Innovations and technologies in installation construction and mechanical engineering

  • Surface engineering
    Painting installation
    Powder coating
    KTL dip coating
    Application and dosing technology
  • Mechanical engineering
    Textile machines warp preparation
    Presses and stamping automation
    Special machine construction
  • General production
    Process technology and engineering
    Clean-room technology
    Building control systems
  • Conveyor technology, materials flow
    Floor conveyor technology
    Hanging conveyor technology
    Power & Free systems
    Lifting and carrying systems
    Crane rail – chassis technology
    Storage technology
  • Robotics/Cell control
    Laser technology
  • Environmental technology
    Waste water treatment technology
    Exhaust air cleaning systems


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