Data masses open paths towards comprehension of technical realities.

Acquire, analyse, present, optimize, document and archive using LogiQ.

Large masses of operating and quality data are generated daily in companies. Without evaluation, they are only a burden and an unused valuable resource.

We see continuous monitoring and optimisation as an extremely personnel- and cost-intensive task for installation operators.

We use historical operating and machine data as sustainable information sources for the process and manufacturing optimization.

The LogiQ data information system completes existing ERP systems, can be seamlessly integrated and offers additional functionality and scalability.

There is no better path to efficiency than the automation of manual, paper-based and error-prone processes.

The data generated in the process chain of the production is prepared for the various points of view and requirements of those participating in the process.

LogiQ thereby distinguishes between the following sectors in the “Customer Reporting”:

  • Work preparation
  • Production
  • Maintenance
  • Quality management
  • Controlling
  • Company management

Control and transparency

during the entire manufacturing process.

Process optimization with       by AEM.

Automation solutions in conjunction with BDE/MDE quality data acquisitions provide transparency and safety in the entire manufacturing process.

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